GrubTubs Inc. supports family farms around Austin. We pick up spoiled grub from restaurants and help our local farmers transform it into a sustainable animal feed for their animals.


GrubTubs collects food from restaurants and diverts it from the landfill by bringing it to local farmers. Once on the farm, we repurpose the leftover food into growing protein-rich grubs that become animal feed for chickens and pigs. #TableToFarm 

GrubTubs Inc., a company that collects leftover food from restaurants to create chicken feed at local farms. This innovative business model earned the top prize from the Austin WeWork Creator Awards this year.


Did you know that animal feed is the number one expense in agriculture? Feed costs are even higher than labor for American farmers. And even worse than the economic impact, current animal feed is environmentally unsustainable as it takes up around 70% of the farm acreage in the United States that could be used for other purposes.

American farmers prefer to grow food without chemicals and oil dependencies, but most of them can't completely commit to this practice because they are required to economically compete with global and multinational farming practices. As a result, most family farms have been sold for real estate development or foreclosed on by banks due to unprofitability and insurmountable debt.

What if the solution was just a simple integration between our cities and our farms?