GrubTubs Joins the Tarmac TX 2017 Cohort and 3M to Integrate Social and Tech

Being part of TARMAC TX underscores the positive impact potential of GrubTubs 

GrubTubs is honored to join the Tarmac TX cohort for 2017. As part of the 2017 cohort, we will be broadcasting our unique business model amongst industry and investment titans to promote food recycling efforts as a way to offset animal feed costs for American farmers.

Generate positive impact with Tarmac TX

Tarmac TX, in partnership with 3M and CALSO, is a one-of-a-kind accelerator for technology startups developing a product or service addressing some of the most pressing social and environmental challenges of our times. Based in Austin, TX, their 9-month program offers selected startups free support services, including a co-working space, events & workshops, mentorship and networking opportunities in both the Tech and the Social ecosystems.

GrubTubs partnering with 3M has broad applications for redifining food safety for both city waste streams and farms.

As GrubTubs aims to support family farms by making feed affordable, there is a real opportunity to change how cities deal with food and food waste. Utilizing 3M's tremendous expertise in wireless tracking, microbial detection, food safety and sensor technology, GrubTubs will work to deliver safer animal feed to urban farmers.