1. Where are your current operations?

Our service area includes Austin, TX and select surrounding areas. We have our corporate headquarters in downtown Austin and our farm is about 20 miles away in Buda, TX. 

2. Will you be expanding outside of Austin?

Yes! Stay tuned for our expansion into the rest of Texas and beyond! 


1. How do your prices compare to other companies that collect food waste?

We know that restaurants want to focus on their delicious menus instead of worrying about waste collection. This is why we make our service affordable and convenient for restaurants of all sizes.

2. What are the main benefits of your food waste service?

Not only is your food waste used to create animal feed for small farmers, our Tubs themselves are designed to make things easier for all levels of restaurant staff: from chefs to dishwashers to the janitorial team! Our Tubs are delivered to your doorstep after being sanitized in a commercial-grade dishwasher so that they are ready for placement throughout the kitchen. Our Tubs stack for easy storage and are small enough that anyone can carry them outside when they are completely full of heavy food waste. Once sealed, the Tubs will not leak or emit odor (say goodbye to flies and pests!) and can sit outdoors for over a week without causing any problems. We pick them up by the pallet and then return newly cleaned Tubs whenever you need them.

3. How often do you pick up?

To lower your costs and to lower our overall environmental footprint, we prefer to only pick up full pallets (that is 24 Tubs) when possible. Accordingly, the frequency of pickup is determined by the amount of food waste you produce and how quickly you fill up a full pallet. For some restaurants this might be daily, but others it might take over a week. Luckily, our sealed Tubs are designed to sit outside for an extended period of time (without smells or leaks) so you can take your time without worrying about these issues.

4. Do you charge a contamination fee?

We do NOT charge a contamination fee if your staff accidentally messes up and tosses something non-organic into our Tubs. We know changing behavior can be a slow process and we do not want to penalize you for that. This is why we have a bilingual onboarding team who will come to your location and help train your employees on how to use our system. We want to teach your team why it is important to separate materials correctly and to strive to become a zero-waste location. That being said, we reserve the right to charge a hazard fee in the event that a customer routinely violates our guidelines by throwing hazardous materials into our Tubs. We also reserve the right to stop working with customers who do not respect our sorting process that enables us to safely turn restaurant food waste into animal feed. 


1. How do you make animal feed? Do you feed the food waste directly to the animals?

In order to create affordable and high-quality animal feed, we use the food waste collected from restaurants to grow an insect species called the Black Soldier Fly. These insects are amazing and consume large amounts of food waste as they grow into adult grubs. Once they reach full-size, the grubs are a consistent and high-protein insect that can be harvested and fed to animals.

2. What farms are you currently working with?

Our current farm partnerships are with Westfold Farm and Floating Fields Farm, but we are always looking to expand our farm relationships.

3. What types of animals can eat the grubs?

Our grubs are perfect for all types of poultry. They can also be fed to pigs and fish.