GrubTubs Support Family Farms Around Austin

GrubTubs supports local family farmers in the Austin area. We pick up spoiled grub from restaurants and our farmers transform it into a sustainable animal feed for their animals and compost for their plants.

#TableToFarm Changes Farming

Most of you might not realize that animal feed is the number one expense in agriculture - even higher than labor! Even worse, current animal feed is unsustainable and occupies around 70% of the farm acreage in the United States.

American farmers prefer to grow food without chemicals and oil, but most of them can't completely  commit to this practice because they have to economically compete with global and multinational farming practices. As a result, most family farms have been sold for real estate development or even foreclosed on by banks due to unsurmountable debt.

What if we could subsidize our farmers without billions in agricultural subsidies and without barrels and barrels of fossil fuels? What if the subsidy wasn't a subsidy at all? What if it was just a simple integration between our cities and our farms...

Our Grubs Want Your Grub

Austin has adopted a zero waste plan, that requires all food establishments to recycle their organics by 2018. Platforming from this zero waste commitment, Prota Culture rebranded to GrubTubs and relocated its operations from Hawaii to Austin. We are working with forward-thinking Farm-to-Table chefs in supporting our local farmers by going Table-to-Farm.

Got Food Waste in Austin?

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