Austin Organics Recycling

The Universal Recycling Ordinance (URO) Organics Diversion component supports Austin’s Zero Waste goal by requiring food permitted businesses to reduce or divert organics away from the landfill. The URO intends to increase the life of local landfills, reduce harmful environmental impacts and encourage economic development.

Starting Oct. 1, 2016, Austin’s Universal Recycling Ordinance requires food permitted facilities to establish programs to recylce organic material (e.g. wasted food, yard trimmings) from landfills, also known as Organics Diversion. The intent of the ordinance is to significantly reduce the amount of organics sent to landfill.

    Minimum requirements include:
  • Submission of an online Organics Diversion Plan (due by Feb. 1 each year) at
  • Reduce or divert organic material generated onsite, on a weekly basis
  • Post informational signs in both English and Spanish, or an additional language
  • Educate employees about the organics diversion program annually and within 30 days of hire
  • Place exterior organics collection receptacles within 25-feet of landfill trash containers