Meet our team

Robert Olivier

Founder and CTO

Robert Olivier, Founder of GrubTubs, Inc (2008) invents, and develops all aspects from conceptual design work, to prototyping, and final fabrication oversight for the BioPod™ Plus and other insect based technologies. He sold over $500,000 dollars of BioPod™s in 22 countries. Currently he is engineering a bioconversion facility in Austin, TX to transform food waste into Animal Feed. Olivier is experienced at collaborating with colleagues, industry experts and equipment manufactures to effectively propose a sensible solution tailored for a specific client with a unique environmental and engineering challenge.

In the past Olivier served as the president of ESR International, an environmental research and development company focusing on industrial separation and recycling technologies where he aggressively grew annual sales from 500,000 to 3,000,000 in 4 years. In 2008, Olivier sold the patents for the industrial separation technologies and has used his proceeds from the sale to fund GrubTubs' Research and Development efforts.

Olivier holds a bachelor’s degree in environmental sciences and business administration from Southern Methodist University. He received the Departmental Academic Excellence Award in Geological Sciences upon graduation.

Karl Warkomski

Senior Vice President, Retail and Co-Founder

Karl Warkomski is a composting veteran with extensive knowledge and experience in solid waste reduction, recycling, hazardous & zero-waste clean-up events, and water conservation issues. For more than two decades, Karl has brought awareness to air quality, environmental health and climate change issues by working collaboratively with businesses, nonprofits and local government. In 1994, Karl co-founded Green Culture, Inc. in 1994 a website portal dedicated to providing ecologically oriented educational materials and composting products to the business, municipal and retail sectors. Warkomski led the conservation division of the entire firm, including development and management of all suppliers, educational clients, nonprofit accounts, and government agencies. Serving as mayor and founding council member from 2001-2007 for the City of Aliso Viejo, California, Karl was responsible for pioneering environmental policies in that newly incorporated municipality.

Warkomski received his Bachelor’s degree in biological sciences from The University of California, Irvine and a Master’s degree in public administration from The University of Southern California. Currently, Karl manages the retail component of GrubTubs,, as well as the wholesale division responsible for all aspects of production, distribution, and sales of our bioconversion technologies. Warkomski also conducts monthly workshops on operation of our pods and black solider fly cultivation. Karl currently resides in the piedmont region of NC and owns a 68 acres farm where he cultivates berries, fruit trees and row crops.

Katharina Unger

Senior Vice President, Design

Katharina Unger is an Austrian born Industrial Designer. She graduated with a Masters degree in Industrial Design from the University of Applied Arts Vienna and is a Fulbright Alumna of 2014 in the Masters program „Design for Social Impact“ at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA, USA. Katharina has collected work experience in corporate design agencies and her own client work in London (UK), Hong Kong (China), Vienna (Austria), in places across the USA as well as in Africa.

Katharina founded Livin Studio E.U., an Austrian based collaborative design consultancy and research and development company. Livin Studio mainly focusses its design work on the sectors of Agriculture, Food Production and sustainable products. Katharina ́s master thesis, „Farm432“, a black soldier fly breeding device for domestic use, was published in magazines, newspapers and online articles all over the world. She has given radio interviews, public talks and presentations as well as TV appearances in several continents. She became a speaker and advocate for Entomophagy and sustainable design. For her work, she received the Bio Art and Design Award (Netherlands), the Core 77 International Design Award in Food Design (USA, International) , as well as numerous other awards, fellowships and stipends.

Quinault Childs

Chief Operating Office, Co-Founder

Quinault Childs has worked to expand value chains within all levels of the food system, from on-farm production to research in national policy. Previous experience includes consulting on grants and market research for an agricultural water data technology startup, compiling databases on biofuels policy, and creating innovative market entry strategies for the largest organic cacao producers co-op in Peru.

With GrubTubs, Quinault oversees operations of GrubTubs, serving as an activator and systems-thinker. He is adept at strategic planning, project management, and logistics. He holds a Masters of Science degree in Agriculture, Food, and Environment from Tufts University, as well as a Bachelor’s of Science in Human Factors Engineering from Tufts.