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High quality nutrients like fats and proteins need not be lost to the rubbish heap; not when local farmers lack affordable animal feed. GrubTubs collects leftovers from restaurants and drops it off at various farms. Each farm is equipped with a colony of hungry grubs that grow fat and happy devouring these leftovers. Once fully grown, Farmers harvest the grubs and feed them to chickens. Not only do chickens love eating grubs, it's the staple food of their natural diet and a fantastic recipe for healthy eggs. Community farmers built the Farm-to-Table movement to increase access to fresh, local food. Now, GrubTubs introduces a "Table-to-Farm" service making it easy for restaurants to give back to those farmers who keep feed local and affordable.
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"Table to Farm" is the final step into reconnecting cities with farms. We work with nature to create a new agricultural paradigm that disrupts the man made food, energy, and waste imbalance. Our job is to harvest the food coming from our cities and use nature to nutrient rich animal feed.
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Nature's best up-cycler, the mighty grub

We're turning stems and stalks into sillage and marinating meats to make the perfect feed for our little grubs. Learn about the science behind these incredible grubs.
"I've had eggs from chickens that ate insects, and they're the tastiest eggs you'll ever have."

Michael Pollan Author

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Are you a Food Business?

Austin Zero Waste initiative by the City requires that you must recycle your organics by 2018 
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Are you a farmer with egg laying chickens?

We'll work with you to set up your Grub growing system on your farm, allowing you to turn wasted organic nutrients into grubs, a high quality feed supplement for your chickens.
GrubTubs, making Table to Farm a Reality

Robert Olivier GrubTubs, Inc

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